The main goal of Bradonja brand is to produce high quality products for local man at the domestic price. Also we want to improve bearded culture and bring down the stereotypes faced by modern beardsman.


We put great effort that out products are made from the finest natural oils and waxes, to better soften your beard and at the same time gave her phenomenal scent. The concept is to produce all-natural products without using chemicals additives or artificial mineral oils such as petrolatum (vaselin). We strongly reject all forms of tests on animals. In that manner we only use cold pressed unrefined natural oils. We chose oils which have the most benefits for your beard and the skin. Then we combined them together in the one. <-???

In some our products, like beard balm and moustache wax, we use raw beeswax that we get from local farmers. Beeswax is unfiltered when we get it, so we must filtered it from the dirt. Ultimately in our products beeswax comes directly from nature to our customers.

We hope that you will enjoy our products and become a member of Bradonja family and wear your beard proudly wherever you go. As for us, we will continue to improve our techniques so we could offer your the best products that you deserve.

Thank you for wearing the beard and supporting us!