Beard Brush

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Our Beard Brush will make your beard softer, your skin healthier and will even reduce ingrown hairs and itching.

No, you don’t want to use any old brush on your glorious beardscape. You want a beard brush.

Brushes, like beard combs, are part of the process when it comes to making your beard look it’s best. The bristles are carefully selected to ensure the right stiffness to get through even the thickest of beards. Boar hair is known to soften, clean, and distribute oils naturally and effectively.

Boar Bristle & Beech Wood

13.5cm* 6.5cm* 3.5cm

4 reviews for Beard Brush

  1. tope (verified owner)

    My beard looks and feels amazing. Bravo!

  2. Krševan Kurtin (verified owner)

    Vrhunska kvaliteta izrade.

  3. Goran Šadić (verified owner)

    Odlična izradai vrhunska kvaliteta proizvoda. Praktična za korištenje i lipo leži u ruci. Sve pohvale!!!!!

  4. Marko Mrčela (verified owner)

    Četka je odlična! Jako kvalitetno izrađena i praktična.

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