Beard Oil – Cedar

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Bradonja beard oil nourishes beard, the hair root and scalp. It prevents itching and burning, hydrates the skin, softens the hair and gives it shine and pleasant smell. Improves combing and gives it volume. From messy boy makes a proper man.


Bradonja beard oil is handmade product from natural ingredients crafted with love in beautiful Croatia.

Cedar scent smells very naturally and has unique forest scent given form cedar, cinnamon and mint.

Shake the bottle before use. Pour a small amount of oil on your palms, rub and apply to dry beard. Comb the beard in order to equally distribute oil.
Use best in the morning or after the shower.

Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Castor oil, Hemp oil, Macadamia oil, Vitamin E and essential oils for scent.

*all oils are given from cold pressed natural ingredients

Please take caution if you are allergic to nuts!

Weight 101 g

10ml, 30ml, 50ml

19 reviews for Beard Oil – Cedar

  1. mljoljic (verified owner)

    Really great product….beard shines as a disco ball :-)….silky smooth beard after few days of usage

  2. kpuklavec (verified owner)

    Nice aroma, goes smoothly on the beard. The beard isn’t greasy which is most important. Worth it!

  3. domagoj (verified owner)

    Vrlo dobar miris, omekšava bradu praktički nakon prve uporabe. Klasik s kojim nemožete pogriješiti, nota mentola osvježava i daje koži ispod brade svježinu.

  4. matrixcore (verified owner)

    Great aroma, does wonders for your beard and skin. Absolutely worth it!

  5. kloby0903 (verified owner)


  6. tibzi6 (verified owner)

    Brzo se upija i lagano se ispire s ruku nakon nanosenja. Malo intenzivniji miris, ali sve pohvale!

  7. Vedran (verified owner)

    Moj omiljeni! Umirujući drvenasti miris, dubok, suh, slatkasto balzamičan. 👌
    Brada nije masna, jednostavno odličan proizvod!

  8. stipan (verified owner)

    Lagan i osvjezavajuc miris, lako se nanosi i brzo se upija. Njeguje bradu i kozu a pritom daje bradi mekocu i sjaj. Preporucujem!

  9. greaseball666 (verified owner)

    Kao i sva ostala ulja koja sam provao ovdje-vrh. Odličan miris koji je u isto vrijeme nježan i intenzivan (i definitivno old school). Super proizvod.

  10. tope (verified owner)

    Great scent, awesome! Absolutely worth it!

  11. Nenad Petkovic (verified owner)

    Great product, wonderful scent! I could bathe in it. Worth every penny.

  12. Robert Šafranko (verified owner)

    My first beard oil at all, and the first is always remembered, an eternal man scent, and my skin is no longer itchy. Thanks

  13. boris (verified owner)

    Ulje je odlične kvalitete, gusto i hranjivo. Za ne preveliku bradu dovoljne su i tri kape. Miris je malčice prejak, ali sviđa mi se tekstura ulja i osjećaj na bradi kada ga nanesem.

  14. josip (verified owner)

    Savršeno ulje za svakodnevnu primjenu. Koristim ga ujutro ili navečer poslije pranja brade. Nakon par dana korištenja prestanje svrbjeti brada i nestaje perutanje. Prezadovoljan sam!

  15. tomo1betti (verified owner)


  16. Vinko Šego (verified owner)

    Nice product. After 2 weeks my beard looks healthier and is softer. Smell is magnificent. I will most definstely order again when i run out of thia.

  17. Vjekoslav Mataušić (verified owner)

    If you are looking for the best beard oil in the world you come to the right place. Perfect for everyday use.

  18. james (verified owner)

    High intensity scent and I love it. Very strong and maybe not for everyone. I first tried Cubano and was surprised by the richness and aromas. And that is exactly what sets these oils apart from the rest. Natural ingredients, fabulous, lasting and rich scent. What more could you need. Go ahead and indulge yourself!

  19. gzggirl (verified owner)

    Great scent. And the softness of the beard,no words. I was amazed. Amazing product which gives your beard all that you need. Love the fact that is so natural and doesn’t leave any oily marks. Aditional loving of this oil is the fact that beard becomes soft and there are no itches. Hihly recommending and will buy again as soon this one is gone. Thank You

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