Beard Soap

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Bradonja beard soap with the scent of sandalwood, nice soap to gently wash the beard. You can also use it to wash your hair.

Probably you wash your beard as well as hair with shampoo. But you don’t know that the beard hair and hair on the head are not equal and that they should be treated separately. The head hair has grease naturally but the beard is not lubricated with grease. Therefore, hair shampoos in its composition have much stronger chemicals that should weaken grease to be washed out. Longer use shampoo dries out your skin and beard, hair often fall out, shoot tops and skin flaking. Because of these negative effects, we decided to make soap for beard without ingredients and chemicals that dry out your skin and beard. The soap is very easy, gently cleanses and nourishes.

Get your beard and hands wet. Rub soap in your hands to make foam and applied to bead. Lightly rub the foam in to the beard to reach the skin. Once you have covered the entire surface of magnificent beard, wash well with water and gently dry with a towel. It is recommended after washing beard to use bead oil to make her return to the old shine and enchanting fragrance.

Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Beeswax,  Shea butter, Sodium hydroxide and essential oils

65 grams

Weight 101 g

10 reviews for Beard Soap

  1. mljoljic (verified owner)

    Soap is awsome…I even started to wash my hair with it…foam controls beard hair and gives extra touch to the grooming process

  2. kraus.i (verified owner)

    Yesterday received the parcel. Love the packing, the scent is contagious, the foam thick.

  3. domagoj (verified owner)

    Kvalitetan sapun, vrhunski sastojci. Brzo se pjeni i dubinski cisti bradu. Preporucujem svima

  4. kloby0903 (verified owner)


  5. stipan (verified owner)

    Odlican sapun sa odlicnim sastojcima, daje gustu pjenu i temeljito cisti bradu.

  6. silgaj (verified owner)

    Sapun je odličan, dobro čisti i ne iritira kožu.Preporučujem i svakako ću ga kupiti opet.

  7. kristian105 (verified owner)

    Sapun je odličan, dobro se pjeni i olakšava raščešljavanje brade

  8. rasputinov (verified owner)

    Surprisingly foamy, great scent. I love it.

  9. lukacmatija (verified owner)

    Sapun je odličan. Fino se pjeni, brada je po pranju mekana, predobar osjećaj. Toplo preporučam. Svi oni šamponi koji se prodaju za bradu u svakojakim renomiranim i manje renomiranim poslovnicama nisu ni približno blizu ovom sapunu. Bradonja, znam da je to možda puno za tražiti, ali možda dočekamo od tebe i tekući šampon za bradu 🙂

  10. josip (verified owner)

    Odličan sapun, već nakon 2 pranja brada je mekša i lagano se češlja.

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