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Bradonja beard oil nourishes beard, the hair root and scalp. It prevents itching and burning, hydrates the skin, softens the hair and gives it shine and pleasant smell. Improves combing and gives it volume. From messy boy makes a proper man.


Bradonja beard oil is handmade product from natural ingredients crafted with love in beautiful Croatia.

Mediteran scent smells like freshly squeezed juice from orange, lemon and grapefruit. Perfect for summer adventures.

Shake the bottle before use. Pour a small amount of oil on your palms, rub and apply to dry beard. Comb the beard in order to equally distribute oil.
Use best in the morning or after the shower.


Olive oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Kukui oil, Apricot seed oil, Vitamin E and essential oils for scent.

*all oils are given from cold pressed natural ingredients

Please take caution if you are allergic to nuts!

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10ml, 30ml, 50ml

8 reviews for Beard Oil – Mediteran

  1. domagoj (verified owner)

    Osvjezavajuce ulje sa dominantnim mirisom citrusa, osvjezavajuc. Idealan za ljeto, mrvicu mozda miris slabijeg intenziteta u odnosu na druge iz ponude

  2. sanja1305 (verified owner)

    Osvježavajuće ulje, daje bradi vlažnost, nije previše masna i lako se cešlja. Miris? To je najbolji dio – lagan i svjež!

  3. Goran Šadić (verified owner)

    Odličan osvježavajući miris. Pravi ljetni. Bradu čini mekanom i ugodnom, a ne ostavlja masne tragove

  4. Nenad Petkovic (verified owner)

    Perfect citrusy scent for lazy summer afternoons. Light and refreshing, it’s a delight!

  5. patrik (verified owner)

    odličan miris za ljeto! najbolje ulje koje sam do sada koristio, sve preporuke

  6. dama6 (verified owner)

    Odlično, kao i sve do sada 🙂

  7. Robert Šafranko (verified owner)

    A refreshing man scent, great for summer, and my skin is no longer itchy, ha.

  8. Marko Mrčela (verified owner)

    Ulje je jako ugodnog i osvježavajućeg mirisa, preporučam bočicu s pipetom jer olakšava doziranje. Bradu čini mekom i sprječava isušivanje kože. Odlično!

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