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Bradonja beard oil nourishes beard, the hair root and scalp. It prevents itching and burning, hydrates the skin, softens the hair and gives it shine and pleasant smell. Improves combing and gives it volume. From messy boy makes a proper man.

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Bradonja beard oil is handmade product from natural ingredients crafted with love in beautiful Croatia.

Porter scent in inspired by beer style porter which is a heavy beer with the scent of coffee and dark chocolate. Not for everyone.

Shake the bottle before use. Pour a small amount of oil on your palms, rub and apply to dry beard. Comb the beard in order to equally distribute oil.
Use best in the morning or after the shower.


Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Almond oil, Castor oil, Hemp seed oil, Vitamin E and essential oils for scent.

*all oils are given from cold pressed natural ingredients

Please take caution if you are allergic to nuts!

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10ml, 30ml, 50ml

17 reviews for Beard Oil – Porter

  1. stjepanf (verified owner)

    Odlicno, super miris, brada ostaje super mekana

  2. fillipppp (verified owner)

    Definitivno najbolje ulje do sad korišteno! Brada meka, ugodna na dodir, miris odličan i dugotrajan. Svaka čast!

  3. dani93 (verified owner)

    Odlican proizvod, nakon koristenja brada ostaje meka na dodir a miris ulja ostaje dugo u samoj bradi.
    Sve pohvale.

  4. viktor91 (verified owner)

    Miris je odličan, definitivno uzimam opet!

  5. gal4ctu5 (verified owner)

    Miris ulja je brutalan, omamljuje sve koji se nalaze u vašoj okolini do te mjere da vas žele kušati. :DD S ovim uljem ne možete pogrješiti.

  6. nereus85 (verified owner)

    Najbolji miris ulja ikad, gustoca je odlicna i lako za oprati nakon primjene. Moja cura ga obozava 😁

  7. domagoj (verified owner)

    Odlican miris, gustoca je odlicna. Vrlo brzo vidljivi rezultati nakon primjene

  8. lemmy34 (verified owner)


  9. ivanbagaric (verified owner)

    Odličan miris, lako se razmazuje.

  10. stipan (verified owner)

    Lijep i postojan miris, ulje se lako upija i ne ostavlja masne tragove. Odlicno!

  11. greaseball666 (verified owner)

    Vrhunsko ulje, miris je jedan od najboljih koje sam ikad probao, ostaje u bradi jako dugo, a uz to ju vrlo brzo omekša. Definitivno naručujem ponovno, i ovaj puta veću bočicu. Sve pohvale.

  12. silgaj (verified owner)

    Ulje je odlično,brada zaista mekana.Miris je divan i dugotrajan, svakako ću naručiti ponovno.

  13. bradata agama (verified owner)

    Jedno od najboljih, ako ne i najbolje ulje za bradu.
    Omeksava bradu, olaksava iscesljavanje, njeguje kozu ispod brade, da ne pricam o savrsenom balansu mirisa kave i cokolade.

  14. kristian105 (verified owner)

    Pohvalno, za svakoga tko voli kaveni miris

  15. GORDAN RAKELA (verified owner)

    Odlicno a miris da ne govorim…..najbolji…i prirodan…

  16. Karlo Frljužec (verified owner)

    In short – great product, you can’t go wrong, the quality is great! The beard remains silky throughout the day, and not greasy, so two 👍 for that! As for the Porter scent, it has rich, flavourful, longlasting aroma. It takes a day or two to get used to it, but beyond that point, all is good. P.S. – the ladies love it!

  17. jradelji (verified owner)

    Odlicno ulje, prefini miris.

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